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Image capture, storage, manipulation, and printing products have been a part of Vanteon's success for the past two decades. We have deep experience in commercial product development for cameras, image manipulation software, and all varieties of printing and output devices.

Since our earliest days, we have been working with product development teams to bring several generations of electronic system designs and embedded software for digital cameras, high-speed printers, and image editing software on Windows and Macintosh platforms to the commercial market.

Our digital video expertise includes advanced high-speed electronic system design, software development, and systems quality assurance, testing, and certification. Applications for these projects range from commercial video editing tools to production line quality control systems to high-accuracy video signal test equipment.

Projects have included:

  • Desktop inkjet, laser, and all-in-one printers
  • Wide-format printers
  • Raster image processor design and implementation
  • Printer drivers (Mac OS/Unix/Linux/Windows)
  • Still cameras, scanners, and X-ray image capture systems
  • Biometric image sensors
  • LCD projectors
  • Video cameras (IR, NIR, visible, thermal)
  • Video editing applications
  • Set-top boxes (DVB-C / DVB-S)
  • 3D rendering algorithms
  • Color management systems
  • File format converters and compression (JPEG, TIF, MPEG, PICT, PNG, etc.)
  • DirectShow, QuickTime, and Windows video support
  • WIA, TWAIN, SANE, WDM device drivers
  • SCSI, USB, Bluetooth, FireWire, 802.11, TCP/IP connectivity
  • Validation and testing services

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