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A disadvantage of all electronic technology is that it consumes energy to perform tasks. All electronics need some form of power to operate and provide useful functions.

Many electronic products require portability or remote functionality far from AC line power. Since, in most cases, it is desirable to avoid using batteries that need changing on some regular interval, energy harvesting allows low power electronics to run indefinitely without external power. The device itself extracts power from the environment.

Vanteon has spent substantial effort researching and developing Intellectual Property (IP) in the area of energy harvesting. Vanteon has partnered with other technology companies to create energy harvesting IP that can extract energy from three environmental sources simultaneously. These include solar, vibration, and thermal. The combination of harvesting and smart energy storage produces a comprehensive solution for applications like wireless sensor networks and remote monitoring devices. In addition to the energy harvesting IP, Vanteon has completed many client projects in the area of power.

Power Supply & Energy Harvesting Expertise:

  • High Voltage and high current supplies
  • Wireless charging circuits
  • High efficiency switch mode power supplies
  • Compact size designs
  • Wide gap energy transfer
  • 150 Watt solar charging circuitry
  • Power monitoring and control (solid state relays and fuses)

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