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Delivering the highest level of electronic engineering and code to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. With over 500 projects completed since the company started, we have a broad range of experience that spans generations of electronic designs and software code bases. We have served many customers in several industries — all of them united in their reliance on advanced technology to maintain and expand on their market position.

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Imaging Algorithms for Image Fusion Systems

Imaging Algorithms for Windows and Macintosh Photoshop Plug-ins
Multilateration Systems for Ground Control
Meeting Regulatory Requirements for Medical Device Hardware and Software
Smart-Metering Opportunities in the Public Utilities Market
Wayside Communications System for the Transportation Industry

Imaging Algorithms for Image Fusion Systems

Image fusion systems combine information from two or more image sensors into a single image that provides more information than individual images provide, for example, combining spatial and spectral images for remote sensing applications.

Image fusion has been widely used for aerial and satellite imaging and can also be used in applications such as robot vision, medical imaging, and surveillance. Avoiding distortion when merging the images, especially for real-time applications, is one of the key challenges.

Our client had developed several algorithms for an image fusion application and was seeking a collaborative development group that could design and implement the algorithms as a relatively small and power-efficient unit.

The resulting system was based on an Altera Stratix FPGA using NIOS soft core processor and several new and custom image processing algorithms. Vanteon's collaborative development processes, advanced digital imaging algorithms, and high-speed electronics systems know-how expedited the realization of this next-generation image fusion system.

Services Provided
• Schematic and prototype development
• Algorithm development and implementation
• VHDL development
• Camera link interfaces (in/out)
• Debugging and test

• Altera Stratix FPGA
• NIOS soft core processor

Imaging Algorithms for Windows and
Macintosh Photoshop Plug-ins

This highly collaborative imaging project required manipulation of very large image files using patented “Differential Hysteresis Processing” algorithms owned by the client. These algorithms bring out previously imperceptible detail throughout the image, even in the lightest or darkest areas. The goal was to create Photoshop plug-ins for Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Our engineers worked closely with the algorithm developer at the client company throughout the development process. Vanteon's multi-platform capabilities for software design, development and testing enabled rapid completion of several version of this product, which is now in use by professional photographers, artists, and medical imaging technician around the world.

Services Provided
• Imaging algorithm analysis and development
• High level of customer interaction
• Optimization for very large image files
• Agile development process
• Windows and Macintosh UI design
• Testing and technical support

• Cross-platform SDK
• Adobe Photoshop plug-ins

Multilateration Systems for Ground Control

Multilateration systems are being implemented at many international airports to provide air traffic control information at a higher rate than most traditional radar systems provide. Additionally, multilateration systems can use data from small transponders to track the movements of ground-based vehicles on active surfaces.

These systems utilize triangulation along with highly precise signal timing known as Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). High-speed signal acquisition and computer processing techniques are used to convert individual time differences of receiving stations to precise coordinates for moving objects of interest.

Our client needed additional engineering resources that could quickly augment their development team for the development and deployment of new multilateration systems. The collaborative skills of Vanteon's engineers along with our experience in Software Defined Radio systems and high-speed embedded systems provided a fresh perspective and a lift to the total resources for product realization.

Services Provided
• Requirements review & system design
• Hardware architecture, design, development, prototyping
• Firmware and HDL code development
• Link-margin analysis, RF-IF down-conversion analysis
• Validation, verification, documentation

• FPGA, soft processor, demodulator architecture
• Analog device AD9957 DUC
• Controller board & RF board, VME
• Transmission decoding, time-stamping, synchronization

Meeting Regulatory Requirements for Medical Device Hardware and Software

Capturing information from a wide range of diagnostic medical devices is becoming increasingly necessary to meet the demands of modern medicine. Our client needed to connect multiple medical devices, using several different generations of communications protocols, to a common server platform.

The solution was to develop a robust communications layer for FireWire bus communications compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux server platforms. Quality and regulatory processes in use by the client were adopted by the Vanteon team for conformance to FDA requirements. Delivering innovative solutions along with complete project documentation and design reviews is standard practice at Vanteon.

Services Provided
• Formal documentation development with traceability
- Requirements
- Design
- Test
• Communications layer development
• Functional and System level QA testing

• FireWire high-speed serial bus
- Asynchronous and Isochronous modes
• Linux (32 & 64bit)
• Windows 7 KMDF Driver (32 & 64 bit)

Smart-Metering Opportunities in the Public Utilities Market

-Energy, material resources, and cost savings are key factors driving new smart-grid product design solutions. Our client needed to create an entire product line to address smart-metering opportunities in the public utilities market. Extensibility, flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness of the overall design and end-products were key requirements.

The planning stage started with a collaborative product road-mapping phase to envision the existing and expected future needs of the product line in the context of products that are already in service. Then specific product plans with key feature listings by product were produced and a flexible development platform was designed to meet the feature range requirements.

Outcomes from the design process included a core product platform that enabled the rapid creation of seven new products that could be spun-out quickly. The core platform made fast product releases possible for engineering and also met time-to-market business requirements.

Services Provided
• Product road-mapping
• Requirements review and system design
• Firmware, code, and PCB development
• Validation, verification, and documentation

• Software Defined Radio implementation
• PCB optimization


Wayside Communications System for the Transportation Industry

-Reliable, cost-saving electronic systems that meet the regulatory and industrial standards of the transportation industry are part of our design and development heritage.

Wayside communications systems effectively make a railcar into a network node and allow information about the vehicle to be sent to a central control system on a continuous basis. Flexible, extensible and reliable wayside communications systems are needed to meet the demands of the industry.

This project centered on designing and building an upgraded wayside communications system that could meet all the industry requirements at a lower unit manufacturing cost and with high reliability. Vanteon participated in early design sessions with the client that ultimately reduced part count by 30% and improved performance and reliability of the finished system. The new design also eliminated the need for factory and field tuning of analog filter boards, adding enhanced economic value to the product. Vanteon Website, 2_Services 3 - Testing and Validation FC

Services Provided
• System requirements
• FPGA IP design and simulation
• Systems simulation
• Integration and test support

• Altera Stratix NIOS II 32-bit CPU
• SOPC builder, ModelSim, SPICE, JVerify
• Custom DSP Acceleration in FPGA fabric
• Narrow band FSK modem
• Time division multiplexed IIR filter core
• Custom analog variable gain and noise filter
• C++ driver API


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