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Since its inception, Vanteon has built a reputation for providing the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and collaborative processes necessary to drive products from concept to market.

Agile software engineering

Vanteon started out in the 1980s as a small group of software craftsman that took great pride in being “ghost-writers” for many of the best known retail software product companies in North America. The company was called Millennium Computer then; named after the agile and utilitarian characteristics of the Millennium Falcon in the movie “Star Wars.”

Assembler, C, and code porting from MS-DOS and early versions of MS-Windows to Apple Macintosh were particular strengths. Digital image capture, manipulation, storage and output projects have also been a long-standing part of our history. This includes printer drivers, file converters, RAID storage systems, TWAIN, and more.

SWAT debugging team
As an example of the technical prowess of the company, one of the best-known word-processing software products for Macintosh was chronically plagued by severe bugs and the company requested our assistance. They needed immediate fixes for these as well as the addition of several new features, in less than 60 days, to maintain their competitive position. The project was delivered early and the release was lauded for dramatic improvement. We continued working with this client on the creation of common code bases for simplified porting.

Being public
As the number of notable clients grew in the late 1990s, the company became an attractive acquisition candidate, was purchased by a public company, and was then called “Metamor Software Solutions.” Being “public” brought new resources and with the Internet in a fast-growth mode, the company expanded quickly.

New capabilities in hardware design, OS-9, QNX, and other real-time operating systems, Linux, and JAVA were added to meet the needs of a world-wide customer base. More web-enabled projects were embraced, including many large-scale client/server systems and e-commerce systems using MS-SQL and Oracle databases. Process-oriented project management systems were also implemented to keep projects on-track.

Privately owned — again
The new millennium brought more challenges and changes. The company was spun-out of Metamor, changed its name to Vanteon, and a new management team drew a sharper focus on electronic systems development. The technical and project management capabilities at Vanteon are now sought by customers who need innovative solutions for new generations of wireless communications devices, medical products, transportation and global positioning systems, as well as tackling new initiatives in energy management.

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