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Core hardware and software components, already designed and tested, are available under royalty-free licenses as part of Vanteon's service offering to jumpstart advanced electronics design projects.

This “licensable intellectual property” can be adapted by Vanteon's engineering teams to meet specific customer requirements — shortening time-to-market and reducing total development costs to our customers. In some instances, our licensable IP has provided a platform for new generations of products.

Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology is available from Vanteon as licensable IP. SDR is a collection of hardware and software that provides radio operating functions implemented through modifiable software and/or firmware. This allows the addition of new wireless features and capabilities to an existing SDR system without requiring new hardware. SDR can be used to address a wide range of communications needs in many industries. Learn more about SDR technology by downloading our whitepaper here.

WaveCaster™ SDR licensable IP is offered by Vanteon to aid in the rapid development of advanced communications products. By using royalty-free, licensable IP for Software Defined Radio, clients are able to respond to new market demands where advanced technology is sought to remain competitive in the marketplace and to improve the return-on-investment for new projects by lowering total development costs.

We encourage you to contact us about jumpstarting your project by using our licensable IP and our tradition of innovative product realization services.


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