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We offer comprehensive services for rapid and complete PCBs, embedded systems, and software prototypes that are tested and delivered to your specifications as fully functional prototypes.

From bare-board PCBs to parts procurement and bill-of-material scrubbing, our goal is to provide tested and fully functional prototypes that are ready for production planning and field testing. Our experience enables us to spot opportunities for parts reduction, cost savings, and reliability improvement. We also work with alliance partners for commercial fabrication and high-volume assembly based on these prototypes.

Prototyping areas of expertise for demo, test, and reference boards include:

•  Single, double and multi-layer boards
•  Rigid and flexible circuits
•  Power distribution
•  Surface mount, through-hole, and mixed designs

Software prototyping services include:

•  Agile software development
•  Rapid application development
•  Code integration (drivers, networking, file converters, etc.)

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