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Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a technique used to develop flexible, scalable radio platforms for applications within and without communication systems. Vanteon has been developing SDR technology for many years in a wide variety of customer applications.

Our experience using SDR technology includes commercial, industrial, and military markets. We have also used the technology for applications outside of communications for signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and data acquisition.

The WaveCaster™ and vPrisum™ SDR intellectual property from Vanteon can give your project an immediate head start. These platforms provide SDR core functionality that can be quickly customized to suit your project requirements without additional licensing fees. Within the domain of SDR we also provide services for digital modulation and coding, data conversion, multiple access, and RF system.

Software Defined Radio Expertise:

  • Analog RF and IF design
  • ADC/DAC design, baseband and direct IF sampling (under-sampling) techniques
  • Digital up/down conversion, decimation filtering/sampling
  • Digital control loops for gain (AGC) and phase/frequency (PLL)
  • Waveform development (modulation, channel coding, DSSS, FEC, etc.)
  • Digital, DSP, and FPGA processing development
  • Digital filter design (FIR, IIR)
  • MAC layer and protocol development

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