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Vanteon has a rich heritage in software engineering, spanning over 30 years and hundreds of projects. Our experience and contributions cover all aspects of the software development life cycle.

Vanteon can design and implement a complete turnkey solution or work in parallel with your team of engineers. If your project includes a need for software or embedded firmware, the team at Vanteon can surely help deliver a high quality solution, adhering to world-class coding and verification standards. We have familiarity with nearly all modern programming languages, operating systems and platforms. Let us take a
look at your needs and propose a solution for you!

Custom Solutions for All Major Platforms:

  • Boot Loader and BIOS Development
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs)
  • Drivers and other kernel development
  • Networking (Bluetooth 3.0/LE, 802.11, SNMP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP)
  • Storage (SATA, AHCI, SCSI, HDD, CF, SD, NAND/NOR Flash)
  • Buses (1394, PCMCIA, PCIe, PCI, SPI, I2C, USB 2/3, RS485, Modbus)
  • Firmware upgrade strategies
  • Installers, Utilities, Libraries, Microcode
  • Embedded Applications, Test Applications
  • Signal Processing/Conditioning

Companion Services:

  • Stack Porting (1394, IP/1394, TCP/IP, DCAM)
  • Real-time Protocol Translation, Custom Protocols
  • Drivers that implement protocols (PTP, SBP-2, RBC)
  • Reference Board FW Development

OS and RTOS Experience:

  • Windows, OSX
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Embedded Linux: (TimeSys, Monta Vista, Lynx OS, uCLinux)
  • VxWorks, FreeRTOS, TI RTOS, Micrium, Win XPe, QNX, CE .NET, NetBSD, RTXC, Nucleus, Win CE, Symbian

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