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When your electronic or software products make the transition to manufacturing, Vanteon’s Sustaining Engineering group can provide the specialized services necessary to support and maintain your existing portfolios without losing focus on new product development.

Ongoing maintenance of existing products puts a strain on internal development teams, whose primary focus should be on the creation of new products and technologies. Vanteon’s Sustaining Engineering department provides a unique ability to offer continuing engineering and technical support for hardware, firmware and software products, freeing up your engineering teams to deliver competitive differentiators and new products into the marketplace on time, while maintaining the same internal staffing levels.

According to Jeff Miller, Business Development Manager at Vanteon, “Vanteon has wide-ranging experience in both New Product Development and Sustaining Engineering. Our Sustaining Engineers can help maintain your existing products that generate revenue now, while your engineers design tomorrow’s products to drive future revenue.”

Sustaining Engineering services:

  • New or expanded feature or function development
  • Address obsolescence issues
  • Debug of existing hardware, firmware or software issues
  • Rework of designs for BOM cost reduction
  • Design modifications for high volume production
  • Port existing applications to new or updated Operating Systems
  • Manufacturing/test yield improvement
  • Add Embedded Web Server for network based device management

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