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Designing top-quality solutions for world-class products is our mission. We have the expertise and track record for delivering projects in conjunction with our customers' engineering teams as well as turn-key projects featuring unique FPGAs, analog and RF circuitry, and power supplies.

From concepts to complete turn-key products, we work with our clients to design and deliver the right solutions for the product requirements.

•  Requirements gathering •  Design specifications
•  High-level architecture •  Processor and parts selection
•  PCB design and layout •  Cost estimation
•  Simulations •  Prototyping
•  Test and Validation Planning •  Compliance documentation

Our experience with hundreds of projects is well suited for product concepts at the earliest stage. Through collaboration, our design and engineering group can contribute their knowledge to help minimize unit production costs of finished products and reduce project risks. Since we work with many component suppliers, we can also share our perspectives on processor and component part selection.

We also provide board design and embedded software and firmware services that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing high-speed digital, precision analog, or mixed signal integration system designs.

Printed Circuit Board Design Services include:

•  Requirements definition •  Specification development
•  Schematic capture •  Board layout
•  Prototyping •  Bring-up and Test
•  Debug •  Technical writing

Embedded Software and Firmware Design Services include:

•  Boot Loader and BIOS •  Board Support Packages
•  Kernel development •  Utilities
•  Libraries •  Microcode
•  Applications  

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