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When a new client begins working with us they discover our unique collaborative style.

Beginning with requirements gathering, agreeing as to the scope of the project, completing the project and final delivery, we engage with our clients to make sure we are an extension of their company.

While we want all projects to be completed on time, and within original budget, there are times, the challenges of our client’s design create changes to the original project scope. What we do is to communicate the project status on a routine (weekly) basis to eliminate or reduce surprises.

Beyond the requirements for complete project documentation, our process engages our client’s development and financial management objectives. Many have remarked that our web-enabled secure access systems provide them with better information than their own internal systems.

Facilitating Communication & Driving Development

Access to our project records is available throughout the duration of a project, no matter how large or small. This includes access to version control systems, project documentation, cost accounting information, and scheduled project status meetings. Our process also includes a shared issue tracking database with test reports and action items for resolution. Our goal is to be a seamless product development team that includes all the participants of our client’s team, no matter what the geographic distance may be between us.

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