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From the desk of the CEO – September 2022

Vanteon has gained a reputation, and one that I am particularly proud of, as one of the best small companies to work for in New York State. For the tenth consecutive year, Vanteon has been recognized as a Best Places to Work for in New York company. Each year, our employees are asked to fill out an independent questionnaire, which measures their degree of satisfaction working here, compared to other New York companies of our size. That reputation has spread, especially within the greater Rochester area, thus allowing us to attract the “best of the best” technical talent. We have also utilized the co-op program at RIT to build an outstanding reputation for integrating exciting new talent into our team of experienced engineers. Many of our co-ops wind up as full-time employees, post-graduation. We work hard every day to create a culture and work environment that our employees value over other potential opportunities.

The stability within our engineering staff is also driving Vanteon’s reputation for being the go-to company for wireless solutions. Over the past 7+ years, Vanteon has invested significant capital to develop our IP; specifically, Software Defined Radios (SDRs). Our original, discrete SDR, called WaveCaster, was recently joined by our latest, integrated SDRs, vProtean and vProtean+. We worked in close collaboration with Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) to utilize their newest, most advanced, integrated transceiver chip (Navassa) as a foundation for our design. Of course, our FPGA expertise is also on display by implementing Xilinx SoCs into our design to compliment the Navassa transceiver. These IP investments have opened the door for Vanteon to not only show our expertise in designing production quality hardware, but also to enable our customers to start with a base design and customize it to their particular need(s). To learn more about our IP and services, visit our website at

The bottom line: Vanteon is sought out by businesses for our professional services as well as superior technical talent looking to find a stable, yet challenging, career.

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