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PDFs of Vanteon’s datasheets are available here.

Vanteon’s various offerings, areas of technical expertise, and focus markets are summarized in a series of datasheets, accessible from this page. Please feel free to download them for printing, sharing, or for your reference using the links available here:

Offerings and Intellectual Property

vImpulse™2   PDF
The Vanteon vImpulse™2 radio is a software configurable radio transceiver module designed for long range data communications with very low power consumption for battery operated devices.

vChameleon™   PDF
The vChameleon SDR can be configured for a wide variety of characteristics and behaviors required by the situation, providing a highly integrated, small but ultra-flexible radio platform. vChameleon is perfect for high performance RF signal processing applications, at a uniquely low cost point for an agile SDR.

vGateway™   PDF
Vanteon vGateway™ is a modular bridging platform designed to translate between common wireless physical interfaces and protocols for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

vImpulse™   PDF
The Vanteon vImpulse radio is a software configurable radio transceiver module designed for long range data communications with very low power consumption for battery operated devices.

vPrisum™   PDF
The Vanteon vPrisum™ Software defined Radio (SDR) platform provides a highly integrated, small but very flexible system for high performance signal processing applications, at a very reasonable cost. The platform consists of a single module that includes all digital and RF circuitry.

Technical Expertise

General Capabilities   PDF
Vanteon is an electronic systems design and engineering company based in upstate New York. We provide early-stage design, system component, software development and testing services for equipment manufacturers that require reliable, robust, and technologically advanced solutions.

Mobile Application Testing   PDF
The Smartphone has revolutionized the way that businesses and individuals get things done. Vanteon has been active since the earliest stages of iOS application development, testing product integrations that make a difference in everyday life.

Power Supply and Energy Harvesting   PDF
A disadvantage of all electronic technology is that it consumes energy to perform tasks. All electronics need some form of power to operate and provide useful functions.

RF Engineering   PDF
Custom radio development requires knowledge of RF engineering that is unlike any other type of engineering. RF engineering is considered by many companies to be the “Black Magic” portion of electronic design.

Software Defined Radio   PDF
Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a technique used to develop flexible, scalable radio platforms for applications within and without communication systems. Vanteon has been developing SDR technology for many years in a wide variety of client applications.

Software and Firmware Development   PDF
Vanteon has a rich heritage in software engineering, spanning over 30 years and hundreds of projects. Our experience and contributions cover all aspects of the software development life cycle.

Standards-Based Wireless Design   PDF
Vanteon has experience developing wireless systems for many standards-based applications. We have partnerships with certain high-profile device manufacturers that produce standards-based wireless devices. We can develop using pre-certified modules, or design a custom board using their chips or chip sets and then help the client achieve the desired certifications.

Sustaining Engineering   PDF
When your electronic or software products make the transition to manufacturing, Vanteon’s Sustaining Engineering group can provide the specialized services necessary to support and maintain your existing portfolios without losing focus on new product development.

Testing and Validation   PDF
Vanteon’s Quality Assurance team offers complete software and electronic device testing, compatibility testing, and assistance with requirements verification and validation for regulatory and standards compliance.

Wireless Sensor Networks   PDF
Vanteon has experience developing wireless sensor networks for very low power sensor node applications such as metering, industrial monitoring, and wearable technology among many others. Vanteon has partnerships with key manufacturers that create products in the low power networking space.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss how Vanteon’s technical expertise can help you bring your product to market.

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