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The Vanteon vPrisum™ Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform provides a highly integrated, but very flexible, system for high performance signal processing applications, at a reasonable cost. The platform consists of a single module that includes all digital and RF circuitry.

Electronic Systems
The vPrisum™ design can be leveraged into a wide variety of
applications such as:

  • Smart meter collection systems
  • Low-cost base stations
  • Security products
  • Test equipment

Performance Specifications

  • Support for bandwidths up 56 MHz
  • Broad RF frequency range from 70 MHz to 6 GHz with minimal to no hardware modification
  • Capable of supporting thousands of endpoint radios per second
  • Excellent sensitivity (function of selected waveform) through <1 dB Noise Figure
  • Transmit power up to 30 dBm

Use Vanteon's vPrisum to jump start your product design!

All of Vanteon's IP is fully licensable.

Vanteon’s dedicated engineering services team can work with you to incorporate vPrisum into your product design. Save schedule and reduce risk by using Vanteon’s vPrisum as the basis for your product’s SDR platform.

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