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Our clients expect us to be a driving force behind each and every project we undertake. We take great pride in using our creativity, problem-solving abilities and collaborative communications to help realize our clients’ product goals.

When faced with a time critical product development project requiring expert level digital signal processing competency – there was no option to grow an organic team – Vanteon delivered that capability! Their team integrated seamlessly with our development engineers and brought value that would have added years to our development schedule.

We delivered the first prototypes to our customer last Friday. This date was set in stone more than six month ago and it makes me very happy as a project manager that we have been able to hold this date especially during those challenging times.

Internally I have thanked my involved teams, but I want to extend my gratitude to you and your team as well. What I admire most is how Vanteon always tries to find creative solutions with us and sometimes when we are ready to give up you encourage us to keep going.

Please extend my thanks to the team!

We thought that we had considered every angle and had it all captured in our product requirements document — until we sat down with your CTO. We're glad we did, since it saved us months of potential delays and the design recommendations that your engineers came up with have helped us develop a new product line. We are delighted with the results and look forward to many years of collaborating with Vanteon as we build-out our product line.

It's not often that I hear my engineering team ask to work with an outside contractor, but they have been asking to work with Vanteon again. I don't know what you guys did to earn that, but I'm sure we will be working together on many more projects in the months ahead.

I am writing to thank you and your engineering team for their persistence and skill with meeting the tight deadline for completing the control system project that another vendor had started. With the pressures we have on hiring, I had little hope that we could meet the product release deadline with our in-house staff without a mutiny! Thanks for the great work.

I'm impressed with the expertise and accountability your engineers demonstrated on our PCB project. We have had concerns with other outsourced engineering projects because we felt we were losing control of the budget and project timing. The Vanteon project manager and her team proved us wrong through outstanding communication with our development group during the project and set the bar very high with our accounting group for detailed information at every step.

Vanteon moved a mountain of code in much less time than we had expected. We would recommend your services for porting and testing if we could always be first in line with our projects!

Working with Vanteon has truly been a pleasure! With both technical aptitude and a results-oriented attitude, they delivered above and beyond my expectations. Not only did I leverage their technical expertise in exploring software design options, but I also found the collaboration between my team and Vanteon's team to be seamless. Vanteon does what it takes to deliver.

We appreciate the leadership role that Vanteon took in the early development and test of our hardware and firmware designs. Over time, many changes in direction were required and Vanteon always provided us with the cooperation required to move forward. Your strong technical capabilities combined with open communications and effective Project Management provided the balanced approach necessary to achieve success.

Having worked with many design firms over the years, we regard Vanteon as being a different kind of a firm. Vanteon has differentiated itself by becoming a valuable extension of our team ... one that continuously shares its best practices and latest technology ... Personally, I greatly appreciate Vanteon's well-documented project control and reporting processes because they have helped me manage expectations ...

As a team you have always been ready to go the extra mile, and have contributed many creative and innovative solutions to the problems we've faced.

We have been more than satisfied with the engineering support that we received from Vanteon. We had a very long difficult engineering project for which we did not have the in-house talent to solve some of the more difficult problems. Vanteon provided that engineering talent and helped us to develop a robust system that should serve our company for many years to come. I would not hesitate to use their services in the future. I believe that they delivered with integrity, ingenuity, and efficiency.

Vanteon is extremely flexible when working against our often short deadlines. They are also pro-active, pointing out testing criteria we might have overlooked to ensure the most rigorous testing of our products. They are an indispensable facet of our development process.

I have found Vanteon to be a quality organization with a highly competent and motivated staff. All contracted efforts were managed in a timely and professional manner with an emphasis on exceeding client expectation. They are a trusted partner for engineering services and software.

From project planning through execution, Vanteon is very thorough, flexible, and professional. In every way, it was a pleasure to work with them!

Vanteon had the knowledge base to assist us with a major feature of our product design. They presented a plan that met our requirements and executed to that plan. The result was a very successful product launch.

Vanteon has been a development partner for over 2 years, and we continue to be impressed with their competence throughout all functions of the organization. They are responsive to new information during the design process and always keep us apprised of program status. They have the expertise of a large firm with the ability to react like a small firm. Vanteon took our challenge to meet a difficult schedule by using its own proprietary design to shave critical weeks off a timeline in support of our needs. We consider Vanteon to be a key supplier.

During the process of development on our Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater control system I have expressed to you and others the understanding we at Rheem have for the value added to this project by the Vanteon team. I would like to make sure that our appreciation is captured and communicated. A few of the specific characteristics that have made this project a positive experience include the open communication practices that members of the Vanteon team have exhibited, keeping me and others informed of the progress and obstacles to that progress at any given time. In addition, concise snapshots of times and budgets were provided on a regular basis. The flexibility that was demonstrated was another significant characteristic contributing to the implementation of superior solutions to the issues we encountered during this project. We appreciate Vanteon's adaptability to both our technical and scheduling needs.

I was very impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, creativity, and ability of the Vanteon team that created the latest version of my software.

Vanteon did a great job on defining expectations for the projects, provided thorough progress reports, and provided very detailed data at crucial decision points enabling me to make informed decisions where required in the course of the project. Both products that Vanteon engineered for my applications met all expectations and have proven to be very reliable products that are used in harsh environments.

Given the increasing breadth and specialization within technology, engineering managers must carefully select the core technical competencies carried within their own organization as well as those competencies best handled through partnership. The strong partnership we enjoy with Vanteon has helped us refine our own competencies, as well as expand our technological options into the vast domains offered by Vanteon's technical staff.

Our client’s success is our success. We invite you to become our client, please contact us.

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