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vChameleon is Vanteon’s first Software Defined Radio (SDR) IP platform. This integrated, ultra-flexible SDR platform can be configured for a wide range of characteristics and behaviors. The vChameleon SDR has a performance-enhancing RF Front End (RFFE) to improve on the AD935X FE. This high-performance SDR is positioned at a uniquely low-cost point and capable of supporting thousands of endpoint radios.


Vanteon’s vChameleon SDR can be leveraged into a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Smart Meter Collectors and Endpoints
  • SCADA-based system as part of the energy supply chain
  • Security and other monitoring products
  • Manufacturing test equipment

Contact us for assistance with integrating our vChameleon SDR into your application.


Performance Specifications

  • Support for bandwidths up to 10 MHz
  • Broad RF frequency range up to 2.36 GHz with minimal to no hardware modification
  • Capable of supporting thousands of endpoint radios
  • Excellent sensitivity (function of selected waveform) through <2 dB Noise Figure Transmit power up to 30 dBm
  • Three-band receiver

Performance Features

  • Xilinx Zynq Family FPGA for high-performance signal processing
  • Embedded ARM Cortex — A9 processor in the Zynq core
  • Highly integrated, wide frequency range RF transceiver (AD936X)
  • Performance-enhancing RF Front End (RFFE) to improve on the AD936X FE
  • Library of target-agnostic C/C++ software, VHDL firmware, and Synplify® DSP modules providing core functions for radio operations.

Implementation Options

Vanteon offers a variety of flexible options for licensing the vChameleon SDR platform. Pricing is based on how much of the vChameleon design is utilized in your design. In addition, when bundled with Vanteon’s engineering services, significant cost savings can be realized. Our contracts team can work with you to structure an affordable solution whether it is a one-time upfront fee, annual licensing arrangements, or royalty-based agreements.

Vanteon can work with you to provide low to mid-range volumes while you finalize your manufacturing agreements and processes. Our project managers can introduce you to our contract manufacturing partners. These trusted partners have worked with Vanteon for several years often on dozens of projects.

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Use Vanteon's vChameleon to jump start your product design!

All of Vanteon's IP is fully licensable.

Vanteon’s dedicated engineering services team can work with you to incorporate vChameleon into your product design. Save schedule and reduce risk by using Vanteon’s vChameleon as the basis for your product’s SDR platform.

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