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Imaging Algorithms for Image Fusion Systems

Image fusion systems combine information from two or more image sensors into a single image that provides more information than individual images provide, for example, combining spatial and spectral images for remote sensing applications.

Image fusion has been widely used for aerial and satellite imaging and can also be used in applications such as robot vision, medical imaging, and surveillance. Avoiding distortion when merging the images, especially for real-time applications, is one of the key challenges.

Our client had developed several algorithms for an image fusion application and was seeking a collaborative development group that could design and implement the algorithms as a relatively small and power-efficient unit.

The resulting system was based on an Altera Stratix FPGA using NIOS soft core processor and several new and custom image processing algorithms. Vanteon’s collaborative development processes, advanced digital imaging algorithms, and high-speed electronics systems know-how expedited the realization of this next-generation image fusion system.

Services Provided
• Schematic and prototype development
• Algorithm development and implementation
• VHDL development
• Camera link interfaces (in/out)
• Debugging and test

• Altera Stratix FPGA
• NIOS soft core processor

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