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How a 0.03-6 GHz SoM Will Reduce Radio Development Time by Months

Radio development takes many months and usually includes multiple stages. The RF SoM lets you skip to the software/algorithm development stage of the design. The SoM design includes a RFFE, highly integrated transceiver and FPGA in a very small package and is flexible, high performance, and low enough in DC power to be used for most applications.

Aaron Roof, Chief Technology Officer, discusses the fundamentals of software defined radio (SDR) technology, creation of a RF SoM based on Analog Devices’ ADRV9004 transceiver and Xilinx Zynq 7000 Series SoC, and examples of leveraging the RF SoM to reduce system development time, improve time to market and reduce non-recurring engineering development cost.

Key Takeaways
• Explore applications that would benefit from the use of high performance integrated RF transceiver ICs.
• Learn how to increase the performance of a radio while reducing its size, DC power, and time-to-market.
• Discover a complete development ecosystem that provides technical support and circuit customization

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