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Introducing vProtean|M.2 – A Powerful SDR Platform Built Around the ADRV 9004 & UltraScale+ MPSoC

Vanteon is excited to announce its newest SDR development, vProtean|M.2. Fitting in the M.2 footprint, this variant of vProtean features ADI’s ADRV 9004 and Xilinx’s UltraScale+ MPSoC. The FPGA possesses powerful quad-core embedded ARM Cortex-A53 and Dual Cortex-R5F processors. Take advantage of extremely fast data streaming using four PCI Express Lanes.

The easily integratable vProtean|M.2 software-defined radio system can be used in various applications, including – military/defense radios, industrial IoT, SATCOM products, and drone applications, among many more. Learn how Vanteon can customize vProtean|M.2 for your specific needs with a free 1-hour consultation with a Business Development Manager. Vanteon’s team of experienced RF, hardware, embedded software, and FPGA engineers are here to assist.

Although we are currently in prototype production for vProtean|M.2, we are taking preorders for evaluation kits and SoMs. In addition, like Vanteon’s other intellectual property, vProtean|M.2 is fully licensable. Starting with a Vanteon SDR platform can save significant time and money.

To learn more about our upcoming vProtean|M.2, see our vProtean SDR Solutions page.

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vProtean|M.2 Product Brief

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