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Vanteon CTO Presents Analog Devices Inc. Keynote Address

Rochester, New York (July 8, 2014) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, and a key player in the Software Defined Radio (SDR) segment, is pleased to have been invited to participate in a recent Analog Devices Inc. Symposium.

Aaron Roof, PhD, Vanteon’s Chief Technology Officer, was invited to present a keynote address at the ADI Symposium in May. The presentation, entitled “Unique Applications in Software Defined Radio” was delivered to over 200 Analog Devices application engineers and sales personnel.

Vanteon has been working closely with Analog Devices in the area of Software Defined Radio. Vanteon’s WaveCaster SDR Intellectual Property uses a number of ADI devices in a platform that enables a wide range of wireless capabilities in applications ranging from Automated Meter Reading to Airport Ground Traffic Control.

John Murray, Vanteon’s NE Regional Sales Manager, who also attended the Symposium, stated “It was excellent to see the level of engagement with Vanteon from the ADI community. We are excited about incorporating their next generation of devices in our new SDR platform. We already have a number of clients looking forward to adding the new capabilities to their wireless product portfolios.”

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