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Vanteon Demonstrates vImpulse Micropower Long Range Transceiver

Fairport, NY (August 31, 2015) – Vanteon is pleased to announce the availability of a new micropower long range wireless radio transceiver. The radio, based on Vanteon’s vImpulse intellectual property platform, was recently demonstrated to a wide audience of electronic development engineers and sales professionals at the 2015 Microchip Masters conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The vImpulse radio is a software configurable transceiver module designed for long range data communications with very low power consumption for battery operated devices.

The small form factor (1.9” x 1.13”) and low quiescent power (~2 uA sleep current) allow the module to be utilized in applications that require remote control and data acquisition in industrial environments where frequent battery changes are inconvenient and costly. Applications include low power wireless sensor network systems, SCADA, meter reading, oil and gas monitoring and control. The use of 900 MHz unlicensed spectrum allows the device to be easily installed in an existing enclosure and deployed in a wide variety of systems.

The vImpulse name conveys the notion of the very quiet, low power quiescent sleep state, which upon awakening by the host, quickly bursts data at a rate up to 1 Mbps at a transmit power up to 1 watt — the FCC maximum allowed output in this band. This unique technology provides years of long range data transmission capability from remote network endpoints where battery operation is necessary. The vImpulse module is well suited to be deployed in a Point to Multi-point network utilizing the Vanteon vPrisum™ Software Defined Radio platform as a collector/gateway radio. The high performance vPrisum™ platform complements vImpulse by employing wideband signal processing techniques to enable communication with many vImpulse devices simultaneously.

The vImpulse transceiver boards will be available for direct purchase as a product from Vanteon, or the IP can readily be tailored into a custom solution by Vanteon’s team of RF, embedded hardware and software design engineers.

If super low standby power, long range data transmission is key to your remote data acquisition system needs, contact us at to see how our vImpulse technology can benefit you today.

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