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Vanteon Forms New Sustaining Engineering Group

Rochester, NY (May 21, 2012) Due to increased demand for ongoing support of products which have transitioned to manufacturing, Vanteon Corporation today announced the formation of a Sustaining Engineering group. This new group is dedicated to providing Vanteon’s clients with the specialized services needed to help them introduce new products into manufacturing and maintain their existing electronic and software product portfolios.

Vanteon, an electronic systems design and engineering company, has seen many recent requests for sustaining engineering functions, including: new or expanded feature or function development; addressing obsolescence issues; debug of existing hardware, firmware or software; rework of designs for BOM cost reduction; design modifications for high volume production; porting existing applications to new or updated operating systems; and manufacturing/test yield improvement.

This new department provides a unique ability to offer the continuing engineering and technical support needed, freeing up the client’s engineering teams to deliver competitive differentiators and new products into the marketplace on time, while maintaining the same internal staffing levels.

According to Jeff Miller, Business Development Manager at Vanteon, “Vanteon has wide-ranging experience in both New Product Development and Sustaining Engineering. Our Sustaining Engineers can help maintain your existing products that generate revenue now, while your engineers design tomorrow’s products to drive future revenue.”

For more information about Sustaining Engineering services from Vanteon, please click here to submit your request.

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