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Vanteon is now an Itron Device Integration Partner

Rochester, New York (June 12, 2020) Vanteon is now an Itron device integration partner for its Milli devices.  The Itron Networked Solutions’ Milli 5 is a cost-effective, energy-efficient sub-GHz wireless communications device. The Milli 5 is optimized for a wide range of 802.15.4g network applications and is the first in the family of such devices.  Vanteon’s wireless design expertise in hardware, firmware and software is now available to Itron customers who need assistance integrating Milli devices into their applications.

To learn more about Itron’s partnership with Vanteon click here.

Vanteon is a complete electronic systems design and engineering solutions company with an emphasis on Wireless Solutions.  To learn more about Vanteon’s capabilities, and how we help with your electronic design needs, click here to contact us.

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