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Vanteon Wins Contract for Fault Tolerant Large Motor Performance Monitor

Rochester, New York (May 21, 2013) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, recently was awarded a contract for developing a fault tolerant rotor parameter monitoring system to help maximize up-time for large motors and generators.

Vanteon’s solution will employ redundant RF links to transmit sensor data from the rotor to a nearby monitoring device. The fault tolerant strategy will use the bidirectional capabilities of two independent redundant radios operating at different frequencies to maximize the likelihood that if one link becomes disabled, that the other continues to operate seamlessly while the first is reset. In addition to the redundant link technique, the system will employ a layered watchdog approach that allows the transmit side to recover from a fault that might otherwise “lock” the system. This approach will improve the mean time between failures in the high transient noise environment of large motors and generators, significantly improving the up-time of these critical power generation and delivery systems, often placed in remote locations, potentially days away from field service access.

Vanteon has over 25 years of experience in collaborating with clients to develop products and solutions in electronic hardware, embedded firmware, and software.

Jeff Miller, Business Development Manager at Vanteon, states, “This intelligent system uses elements of wireless RF design and signal processing in a new and unique way to address a critical need. We are happy to be able to apply the creativity of our engineers to help our clients meet the demanding needs of their end clients.”

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