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Vanteon’s CTO Presents at IEEE Meeting

Fairport, New York (October 17, 2018) Vanteon Chief Technology Officer Aaron Roof presented a seminar on “The Case for Software Defined Radio (SDR) in Industrial IoT” to the Buffalo Section of IEEE. This seminar discussed the role that SDR plays in IIoT applications by allowing Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) wireless networks to be deployed utilizing tens of thousands of extremely low power end point nodes.

“The topic was way more interesting than I anticipated and Aaron’s expertise in the subject was clear in his delivery.” Padma Kasthurirangan, President & Chief Engineer, Buffalo Renewables, Inc.

Vanteon offers wireless solutions for many industrial communication systems including applications like Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Smartgrid, transportation control, oil and gas and many more. Solutions include Vanteon platforms for long range low power wireless (vImpulseTM/vImpulse2TM), wireless bridging (vGatewayTM), and Software Defined Radio (vPrisumTM, vChameleonTM).

To learn more about Vanteon solutions, IIoT applications, or how Vanteon can help with your electronic design needs, please click here to contact us.

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