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Vanteon Awarded Contract for Ruby on Rails Web Application Development in Environmental Monitoring and Energy Management

Rochester, New York (October 14, 2011) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, has been awarded a contract to upgrade a web based Ruby on Rails (RoR) remote sensor data interrogation and display application by an industry leading supplier of data loggers for environmental monitoring and energy management. The application, written in Ruby 1.8.x, is being migrated by Vanteon’s software engineers from Rails 1.x to the latest Rails 3.0.x release, ensuring seamless operation with current web browsers and systems.

Vanteon’s significant base of software engineering skills include Ruby code development on the Rails web framework, as well as a long list of other languages and web application tools, such as PHP and Cocoa. Collaborative development of advanced web and PC based applications represent a significant piece of Vanteon’s 25 year history of helping companies develop and maintain their electronic product portfolios through expert consulting services.

Jeff Miller, Business Development Manager at Vanteon, states, “We are excited to add this new client to Vanteon’s list of software, embedded and hardware design clients. We’ve learned that Ruby on Rails developers are in short supply and are very pleased to be able to serve our clients who have web applications needs with our responsive, experienced team.”

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