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Vanteon Awarded Contract for Wide Bandwidth RF Recorder

Rochester, New York (November 5, 2012) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, recently further expanded it’s client base with the award of a contract for developing a wide bandwidth RF recorder, to be used in specialized data collection and processing applications.

Vanteon is collaborating with this new client to co-develop a system that records high frequency raw RF waveform data, allowing subsequent processing by any desired demodulation, detection and decoding scheme at a later date.

Vanteon will design the hardware which includes very fast Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs), a state-of-the-art Altera FPGA, and a dedicated USB device for the digitization, buffering, processing and data transfer. Vanteon’s work also includes implementation of a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in VHDL gateware, USB drivers, and a custom file system to interface with a downstream storage device.

Vanteon has over 25 years of experience in collaborating with clients to develop products and solutions that combine electronic hardware, embedded firmware, and software elements in new and unique ways to meet a wide variety of highly specialized applications like this one.

Alan Diamond, Regional Sales Manager at Vanteon, states, “This is a great project to begin a new relationship with this client. Sharing development resources on this project supports a hybrid approach to delivery that leverages the combined expertise of both companies.”

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