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Vanteon Expands Contract for Handheld Device Motherboard Design

Rochester, New York (November 9, 2012) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, has strengthened its positions in highly integrated embedded systems and dense circuit board design with the award of an expanded contract for developing the motherboard electronics for a handheld scanning device.

Vanteon is providing several valuable services to help its client with the development of their product:

First, Vanteon has designed and delivered a development board which serves as a platform for the client’s firmware debug and system checkout. The development hardware board hosts a Gumstix System-on-Module (SOM), an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA, onboard SRAM, and a collection of other devices and interfaces including GPS and orientation modules, chip antennas, keypad, color LCD display, USB2.0 and OTG, Ethernet and serial ports, an SD card socket as well as battery charging and power management circuitry.

Then, this work will culminate in the design, layout and prototyping of the final product motherboard that will incorporate all of these devices and functionality in a dense PCBA.

Jeff Miller, Business Development Manager at Vanteon, states, “Our familiarity and experience with the entire product design flow allows us to be a key player through multiple phases with this valuable client. Providing a custom development platform early in the program enables firmware design and system verification in parallel with our implementation of the production motherboard design. This collaboration helps improve the overall product development cycle time, which literally expedites putting our client’s product into their client’s hands.”

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