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Vanteon Chosen For Picocell RF Design Projects

Technology Expands Wireless Network Capacity and Coverage, Even Indoors

Rochester, New York (February 28, 2011) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, is working on several projects that help increase wireless capacity and coverage across multiple frequencies that ultimately can benefit first-responders and the general public that need dependable cellular, mobile-data, or public safety communications in areas that otherwise have limited wireless communications coverage.

The growing need for continuous wireless network access for smartphones, mobile computers, and an array of public safety communications equipment, despite barriers that otherwise block radio waves, requires complex electronic systems that can manage multiple frequencies in a concentrated area. Wireless communications services like 4G, Wi-Fi, and Land Mobile Radio Systems (LMRS) used by public safety workers all operate on different frequencies with varying levels of capacity. Use of distributed “Picocells” is a new approach for expanding wireless coverage and capacity, even inside buildings.

“We are working on multiple projects to deliver discrete RF designs for receiving and managing multiple frequencies in distributed picocells,” states Joe Burke, Vanteon’s CEO. “The expertise required for these products includes: systems level RF design, high-speed digital design, and verification and validation. Our project management capabilities and advanced electronics lab enable us to deliver turnkey solutions for meeting complex device requirements,” Burke continued.

Development of these sophisticated products began through client-based collaborative roadmap discussions, high-level simulations, and reliability assessments. Vanteon’s product realization engineers then execute PCB layout, prototyping, quality assurance, documentation, and facilitation of FCC/UL/CE testing services through project completion.

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