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Vanteon Demonstrates the vProtean SDR Solution at ADI’s Global FAE Conference

December 8, 2022, Pittsford, NY.  Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) invited Vanteon and other select Design Partners to their Global 2022 FAE Training Symposium in Boston, MA.  ADI FAEs from around the world came together for the first time since 2019, for training and for demonstrations of ADI product-based solutions at the ADI-hosted Partner Showcase.

Vanteon demonstrated a project that implements the Multi-Channel Synchronization (MCS) capability of the Vanteon vProtean Software Defined Radio (SDR) which may include up to 8 vProtean SDRs (2 transmit, 2 receive each) synchronized together.  Each vProtean SDR is connected to a set of processing boards that aggregate samples from the 16 receiver channels for coherent processing across an antenna array. The aggregate samples from all channels are stored to NVMe drives for offline analysis and processing. The demo traces the aggregate samples in the time domain to illustrate that the channels are fully synchronized.

The vProtean SDR utilizes ADI’s ADRV9004 integrated transceiver.  Leveraging Vanteon’s own intellectual property, we have designed numerous custom SDR’s for clients using the Analog Devices transceivers and RF components.

To learn more about vProtean™ or any of the other ways Vanteon can help with your electronic design needs, click here to contact us.


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