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Vanteon Selected to Conduct Study for Enhanced Wireless Connectivity Systems in the Automotive Industry

Rochester, NY (November 15, 2010) Vanteon’s history of designing and developing technologically advanced electronic systems through it’s client collaboration process is now being applied to advancing the future of wireless systems in the automotive industry.

Hands-free telephones, music streaming, and navigation devices are examples of wireless technologies that are increasingly used in cars and trucks for both consumer and commercial applications. Consumers are increasingly expecting on-the-go access to multimedia content and are looking for enhanced driver assistance, productivity and communication services in the vehicles they buy.

The future may hold many more new uses for wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth 2.1, that focus on the vehicle’s functional systems—like adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, and tire pressure monitoring.

Envisioning and designing these new systems for low power consumption, high reliability, and ease of use are at the heart of Vanteon’s role in this new project.

For more information about Vanteon’s work in wireless communications and the transportation industry, contact Alan Diamond at

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