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WinCE 6.0 Upgrade for Ruggedized Computing Devices

Rochester, NY (October 25, 2010) Vanteon offers new services that help shorten the development cycle and improve field performance for industrial equipment manufacturers seeking to enhance their ruggedized computing devices by upgrading to Windows CE 6.0.

Windows CE is a component-based embedded operating system that has become widely used in industrial equipment as well as in a host of mobile computing and communications devices, including SmartPhones. Devices that use Windows CE often have less on-board data storage capacity than devices like laptop computers. This lowers the unit manufacturing costs for CE devices but imposes constraints on how programs are executed and how much resulting data is stored.

Windows CE 6.0 provides enhanced process address space as well as an increased limit on the amount of physically managed memory that can be utilized. Devices that are upgraded from earlier versions of WinCE can use these resources to gain significant performance advantages.

Future enhancements to WinCE are anticipated and Vanteon has an experienced design, engineering, and testing team at the ready. For more information on WinCE Upgrade services from Vanteon, contact Earl Buice

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