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Vanteon to Exhibit at Analog Devices World Wide Sales Conference

Fairport, NY (December 5, 2017) The week of December 11, 2017 will introduce the Analog Devices World Wide Sales Conference in Palm Desert California. As a close partner with Analog Devices, Vanteon will exhibit at the event alongside many business units within Analog Devices as well as partnering distribution. This is the first major Analog Devices sales conference event since the merger with Linear Technology. The event will host Analog Devices and former Linear Technology sales, marketing, managers, executives, and engineering attendees from all over the world.

At the event, Vanteon will introduce the latest member in a family of Software Defined Radios (SDR). The vChameleonTM SDR is the first truly low cost SDR to be introduced by Vanteon within the family. The vChameleonTM platform boasts an estimated unit manufacturing cost of less than $100. The SDR continues in the tradition of the other family members using the high performance combination of Xilinx Zynq SoC and Analog Devices RF transceivers (AD93xx) along with a performance enhancing RF front end to increase output power, selectivity, and receive noise figure.

Aaron Roof, Chief Technology Officer at Vanteon, states that “We expect vChameleonTM to open up new markets in the wireless data communication space that have previously been closed to SDR due to the very high cost of traditional SDRs.” Markets that have always been filled using hardware radios, or at best software configurable radios, can now be serviced by vChameleonTM.

To learn more about vChameleonTM or any of the other ways Vanteon can help with your electronic design needs, click here to contact us.

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