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Vanteon Awarded Contract for Beverage Flow Rate Monitoring Firmware

Rochester, New York (August 16, 2012) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, has expanded it’s client base with the award of a contract for developing the embedded microcontroller firmware used to monitor beverage flow rates and temperatures.

As a collaborative development with this new client, Vanteon will write the firmware that tracks beverage volumes in a retail sales environment such as a bar or soda fountain. Data is collected from a distributed array of flow sensors that are directly connected in-line with beverage dispensers and temperature sensors that are placed inside a cooler. A Microchip microcontroller is used for sampling the pulses generated from the flow sensors and for pushing the number of pulses to a client-side server using SOAP-XML packet format. At regular intervals, data pushes will occur to update the counts of all the sensors regardless of flow activity. This real-time system allows for highly accurate monitoring of actual pour volumes, enabling proprietors to track waste or institute training programs for employees when expected volumes are not consistent with paid sales.

Vanteon’s experience in embedded firmware development is a perfect match for the client, who is developing the hardware as a means of extending the market for its flow rate sensors.

Chris Courtney, Program Manager at Vanteon, states, “Collaboration with our clients on projects like this is a way of life for us at Vanteon. In this case, our microcontroller firmware development coupled with our client’s industry leading experience with flow sensors will result in the introduction of a unique value added product to their portfolio.”

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