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Vanteon’s CTO Presents at IEEE Meeting

Fairport, New York (April 9, 2019) Vanteon Chief Technology Officer Aaron Roof presented a talk on “The Case for Software Defined Radio (SDR) in Industrial IoT” as part of the IEEE Rochester Section Joint Chapter Meeting. The talk started with an overview of IIoT and the challenges faced as emerging standards need to co-exist with installed proprietary standards. A SDR solution was presented showing how a SDR can be flexible enough to simultaneously handle both the emerging and existing standards.  Also discussed was how power consumption on endpoints can be lowered and network capacity increased through the use of SDR techniques. The presentation was well received by a diverse audience of engineers.

Vanteon offers wireless solutions for many industrial communication systems including applications like Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Smartgrid, transportation control, oil and gas and many more. Solutions include Vanteon platforms for long range low power wireless (vImpulseTM/vImpulse2TM), wireless bridging (vGatewayTM), and Software Defined Radio (vPrisumTM, vChameleonTM).

To learn more about Vanteon solutions, IIoT applications, or how Vanteon can help with your electronic design needs, please click here to contact us.

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