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Vanteon Adds LoRa Gateway to its Wireless Resume

Rochester, New York (June 2, 2016) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, recently was awarded a contract for developing a LoRa Gateway.

Vanteon’s services will include the hardware and firmware development of the Intellectual Property (IP) required to operate the Vanteon vGateway™ wireless bridge platform with a LoRa radio module. The LoRa vGatewayTM will function as the means for collecting and propagating sensor data from a network of LoRa module based radio transceivers to a cloud application hosted on Azure.

Vanteon has over 30 years of experience in collaborating with clients to develop products and solutions in electronic hardware, embedded firmware, and software. Vanteon’s specialized capabilities in wireless and RF technologies have resulted in successful delivery of a number of radio systems to meet a wide variety of data collection, transmission and processing applications.

Aaron Roof, PhD, Chief Technology Officer at Vanteon, states, “Over the years, we have delivered many custom and standards based wireless designs. This LoRa radio system development is a welcome addition to our experience portfolio. Starting with our vGatewayTM IP makes it especially cost and schedule effective to seamlessly deliver a LoRa cloud gateway solution.”

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