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Vanteon Offers Improved Simple and Fast Code Loading Tool

Fairport, New York (August 11, 2016) Vanteon Corporation, an electronic systems design and engineering company, has recently made improvements to its embedded code programming tool. The tool, which goes by the name SPI Stick, offers a unique ability to program the embedded processors, DSPs, and FPGAs on electronic PCBs during manufacturing or field updates.

Vanteon’s latest update to the tool enables very fast programming times, usually taking less than a minute. The SPI Stick eliminates the need for allocating a laptop or desktop PC on the manufacturing floor, or carrying one into the field for reprogramming.

The SPI Stick, a keychain sized device, downloads the desired embedded product code, referred to as the “firmware”, via a mini-USB port connected to a PC. The device is then easily carried to the manufacturing floor, field site, or anywhere the target system PC Board is located. The SPI Stick is simply plugged into a port which implements the SPI bus interface on the target board, and a fully automated process of uploading the new or updated firmware is initiated.

Feedback received from Vanteon’s clients using SPI Stick is that, in their experience, it is the simplest, easiest and least expensive way to load code or perform a field upgrade of their electronic products.

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